Fatnaður dömur

Freshen up your wardrobe for all occasions with help from our amazing range of women's clothing, coming straight from your favourite brands. Whether you're after fashion, lifestyle, casual or sports clothing, this is the place for you. Every season is covered, with stuttermabola-, stuttbuxur, dresses og skirts for summer, and hettupeysum, joggingpeysur, jakkar og úlpur, leggings, æfingagallar og joggers for all-year round wear. For casual days, check out the loungewear edit, or for your holidays browse strandfatnaður og sundfatnaði. Additionally, our women’s sportswear is unrivalled, with supreme gym wear, hlaupafatnaður, Íþróttabrjóstahaldarar and other sport-specific clothing, helping you look and feel confident while working out. Lots of top brands are available, not least Nike, adidas, Tommy Íþrótt, USA Pro, Under Armour, Reebok, Calvin Klein, Champion, Slazenger and many more, plus lots of exciting collabs too!