Our Kids Clothing range covers every occasion, from school days to play days, smart events to chillout times and outdoor adventures to sports training and lots, lots more. Covering both boys and girls of all ages with all the clothing they could need, we stock all their favourite brands, including Nike, adidas, SKECHERS, PUMA, Converse, Under Armour og Firetrap. For top halves, shop kids stuttermabola-, hettupeysum, jakkar og úlpur, joggingpeysur, prjónavörur, bolum, pólótreyjur og flísfatnaður; for bottom halves, check out joggers, chino-buxur, stuttbuxur, cargos, gallabuxur og three-quarters... or go the whole hog and get them a fresh tracksuit from our amazing collection. Don't forget to also check out kids sports clothing, sundfatnaði og school clothes, plus the absolute essentials like nærföt, sokkum og náttföt.