Resistance Bands

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A fantastic addition to your workout equipment would have to be a resistance band set as resistance bands offer such an amazing selection of different home workouts without the need for huge bits of equipment or weight. Our exercise bands and resistance bands range features some of the best resistance bands you'll find on the internet, with countless high-quality sports brands offering their expertise and technology to the collection. We have resistance bands from the likes of Reebok, Everlast USA Pro, PTP and SKLZ, with dozens of different options to suit the needs of your resistance band workouts. We don't just stock regular exercise bands here either, there's other types of resistance bands that may better suit your workout and training goals, including power tubes, training cables and suspension trainers. There's no end to the amount of workouts and exercises you can perform with just a simple set of resistance bands, whether you're looking to increase your muscle size, improve your muscle toning or simply stretch off your muscles after an intense workout or cardiovascular exercise. Another key benefit of resistance bands is how lightweight and easy to carry they are, so you can take them down to the gym or the park without much effort. Whatever your current level of strength and fitness and whatever your training goals may be, exercise bands will help you reach them as you can steadily increase the amount of resistance you're training with as you strength increases.

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